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My focus this time of year is on my local jewelry shows. My online shop still has some pieces available for now, but I won't be adding new pieces at this time. I will be posting some things for sale on my instagram  @madrone_moon and you can always ask about custom made.

For Locals!

I have two shows this holiday season. One of them is public and the other is an Open House I am doing with a friend ~ email me for info and address! 

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As a lifelong artist and maker I have worked with many different mediums and created so many different types of art over the years. Before making jewelry became my creative passion, I was once a fiber artist living in Santa Fe, hand dyeing/painting and quilting. Since becoming a mother over 13 years ago, I have been diving into herbalism. I love working with plants and utilizing their medicine through making salves, tinctures and elixirs for my family. I am happy to now be growing more and more of the medicinal herbs I work with here on our land in Southern Oregon - unceded Takelma Land.

I draw my inspiration from the natural world and work intuitively with the cycles of the moon and seasons of the sun, also known as the Celtic wheel of the year. I find that I am most inspired when I remain connected to these ancestral ways and all my future offerings will be in tune to it. 

My latest offering is making Suncatchers with gemstones, vintage chandelier crystals and rainbow-maker prisms. They are just so joyful and I love seeing the rainbows they cast at different times and seasons. Check out my Instagram to see those. They are very limited and often sell out immediately, so I don't list them in my shop.




Make Beauty

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